Dermatologist in T Nagar Chennai

Are you unhappy with your skin? Skin is the largest organ of the body which is used to perform various tasks. Every one of us aspires to have a glowing skin. Dermatology is one of the medical treatments for the patients who had a problem in their skin,nails and hair. Praseedha clinic has the best dermatologist in Chennai who provide the best-personalized treatment for all types of skin problems. We provide effective treatment for various types of skin problems such as acne, anti-aging and unwanted scar removal.

Dermatology treatment is treating the problems in the skin caused by bacteria and Pathogens. We have experienced skin doctors in T nagar who gives the advanced treatment for your problem. This clinic has advanced equipment and well-cleaned patient rooms. The doctors in Praseedha clinic are expertise in giving the treatment for various problems such as

Every one-sixth of the people consult a doctor for the skin problems. There are different types of skin problems people have

Temporary skin problems

Acne – This condition arises because of pollution. This type of skin problem is treated with creams.

Hives – This is a common problem caused by certain foods. This gives an allergenic reaction like itchy feel to the people.

Fungal infection – The problem is caused by fungus attacks the tissue. This created a white-yellowish mark on the nails and feet.

Candidiasis – This is caused by candida fungus in tissue. This cause irritated patches of skin

Internal Skin diseases

Carbuncle – The bacteria affects hair follicles and cause infection. It will affect the hair growth as well as it also increases hair fall problem.

Cellulitis – This is caused when bacteria enter the skin. This is spread quickly over the body At Praseedha Clinic, we ensure that all our patients are happy with the glowing skin. We rely on providing efficient, cost-effective and caring treatment to the patients. We believe in providing cavernous care and attention gives the assured result to the people. Make an appointment now and get an advanced treatment for your skin disorders.